Cud-Zu Soap – from Celebrity Dairy

Welcome to Cud-Zu Goat’s Milk Soap’s new home here at Celebrity Dairy.  Charlie & Margaret Miller created the soap in the process of reclaiming her family farm from disuse and Cudzu.  Goats (some bought from us)  helped with the process.  They happily eliminated the cudzu.  While we traveled the path to making farmstead cheese,  Charlie & Margaret experimented with soap.  For years we sold our related products side by side at farmer’s markets.

With their retirement, Charlie asked Fleming if she’d like to purchase the soap business.  She did, and following a transition year of tutelage, we’ve built a new soap room, and moved the soap-making 20 miles south to Celebrity Dairy.  So now the celebrity goats can offer you Charlie’s excellent soaps, as well as our goat cheeses, Nordic yogurt-style “Skyr”, goat’s milk gelato, and most recently – goat’s milk fudge.  All things goat!

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